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Newsletter 17 (May - June 2011)

Invitation: Concert "eSACHERe" - Frantisek Brikcius: Czech Cellist - Project "eSACHERe" (Conrad Beck, Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Benjamin Britten, Henri Dutilleux, Wolfgang Fortner, Alberto Ginastera, Cristobal Halffter, Hans Werner Henze, Heinz Holliger , Klaus Huber, Witold Lutoslawski, Paul Sacher, Mstislav Rostropovich & František Brikcius)

  You are invited to the concert of Swiss project "eSACHERe" (12 composers of Swiss patron Paul Sacher), held on Monday 9th May 2011, 7pm, at the National Gallery - Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia in Prague (U Milosrdných 17, Praha 1, Czech Republic). Entry is free (see invitation here), but thanks to limited capacity of the concert hall, we recommend to reserve your seats.

  Concert "eSACHERe" will feature Czech Cellist František Brikcius with compositions of 12 world composers (Conrad Beck, Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Benjamin Britten, Henri Dutilleux, Wolfgang Fortner, Alberto Ginastera, Cristobal Halffter, Hans Werner Henze, Heinz Holliger, Klaus Huber and Witold Lutoslawski). Event will host conductor Jan Talich and eSACHERe Cello Ensemble.

  Concert "eSACHERe" is held under the auspices of the Embassy of Switzerland and as part of the 9th Annual "Daniel Pearl World Music Days". Program was supported by scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. In the cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague, supported by printing company Tiskap, Railreklam, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Britten-Pears Foundation . More details on websites .

Monday 9th May 2011, 7pm, The National Gallery - Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia in Prague (U Milosrdných 17, Praha 1, Czech Republic).

- cello

- conductor, guest
eSACHERe Cello Ensemble, guest

Competition: Win 1 x 1/2 year subscription of magazine Živá historie - Časopis Živá historie

  Win 1 x 1/2 year subscription of magazine Živá historie, by answering following question:

What projects, of Czech cellist František Brikcius, have been medially supported by magazine Živá historie?
  1. Project "eSACHERe".
  2. Projects "eSACHERe" and "MAKANNA".
  3. Projects "eSACHERe", "MAKANNA" and "Duo Brikcius - 2 Cellos Tour".
Contest is over, lucky winner is A. J. from Benešov.

Partner of the Month: mFiles - Music Files Ltd started from very humble beginnings and has grown into a substantial music site with a reputation for quality. Founder Jim Paterson has a strong interest in both classical and film music. Eleven years ago in 2000 he started to convert his offline notes about composers and classical arrangements (using Sibelius software) into web pages. The site has been growing ever since, with that original content augmented by contributions from a wide range of music writers and arrangers. New content is added weekly to the site, including sheet music arrangements and parts, midi and mp3 files, music news, soundtrack reviews, and a wide range of articles covering everything from ragtime to electronic music.

  The core website remains non-commercial, with all downloads (sheet music, midi and mp3 files) remaining totally free for personal users. However in order to support and maintain this endeavour, there is a commercial arm of the business which creates, arranges and licenses music for commercial purposes. As part of this business Jim Paterson composes music for games and videos. Over the years the mFiles site has come into contact with many talented people from all aspects of the music business, including cellist František Brikcius. We feel that the "eSACHERe" premiere concert is a very exciting project, with a most interesting history involving some of the greatest classical composers and influencers of the 20th Century, and we are very happy to support the project.

  mFiles are partner of project "eSACHERe".

Meet ... Conductor, Maecenas and Patron of the Arts Paul Sacher

Paul Sacher (28th April 1906, Basel - 26th May 1999, Basel)

Paul Sacher
(*28. 4. 1906 - †26. 5. 1999)

  Swiss conductor and patron of the arts Paul Sacher was born on 28th April 1906 in Basel. In 1925 he started to study conducting with Felix Weingartner and Moser at the Basel Conservatory, and musicology with Karl Nef and Jacques Handschin at the University of Basel.

  In 1926 he founded the Basel Chamber Orchestra (Basler Kammerorchester, BKO), to which the affiliated Basel Chamber Choir was added in 1928. A year later Sacher became a board member and artistic director of the Basel chapter of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). In 1931 he was appointed to the board of directors of the Swiss Association of Musicians and in 1933 he established the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel and became its first director. In 1934 he married Maja Hoffmann-Stehlin, the widow of Emanuel Hoffmann. Through his marriage, Sacher became a member of the board of the Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical empire.

  In 1936 Sacher commissioned his first work from Béla Bartók: Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta. He became conductor of the newly formed Collegium Musicum Zürich in 1941, and he led it for more than 50 years. In 1941 he became the founder and artistic director of the Collegium Musicum Zurich (CMZ) and in 1946 he became president of the Swiss Association of Musicians. In 1954 Sacher joined the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis with both the Conservatory and Musikschule to create the Musikakademie der Stadt Basel. He served as the Musikakademie's first director till 1969. He was appointed honorary president of the Swiss Association of Musicians in 1955; five years later he established a master-class in composition at the Academy of Music and obtained Pierre Boulez as its teacher.

  As a guest conductor, Sacher regularly performed in the most important festivals and music centres in Europe, America, Japan and Australia, including festivals in Glyndebourne, Edinburgh, Lucerne and Aix-en-Provence, cooperating with names such as Pablo Casals, Dinu Lipati and Mstislav Rostropovich.

  In 1973 the Paul Sacher Foundation was founded, which in 1983, purchased the entire Stravinsky archive, followed by collections of Anton Webern, Bruno Maderna, Witold Lutosławski, Gyorgy Ligeti and Pierre Boulez. The Foundation officially opened in 1986 with an exhibition on "Twentieth-Century Music at the Paul Sacher Foundation". The Paul Sacher Foundation currently holds one of the world's major collections of classical and modern music.

  For his 70th birthday, 12 composers (Beck, Berio, Boulez, Britten, Dutilleux, Fortner, Ginastera, Halffter, Henze, Holliger, Huber and Lutosławski) wrote new "eSACHERe" works in his honour.

  A collection of his writings, Reden und Aufsätze, was published in Zürich in 1986. In 1987, after 61/59 years under Sacher's leadership, the final concert of the BKO and the Basel Chamber Chorus was held. In 1996 Sacher retired but still found the time and energy to help set up the Museum Jean Tinguely in Basel.

  As a tireless propagator of 20th-century music, Sacher commissioned over 200 works from many well known composers, including Béla Bartók, Luciano Berio, Harrison Birtwistle, Elliott Carter, Henri Dutilleux, Cristóbal Halffter, Hans Werner Henze, Paul Hindemith, Heinz Holliger, Arthur Honegger, Jacques Ibert, Ernst Krenek, Gian Francesco Malipiero, Frank Martin, Bohuslav Martinů, Wolfgang Rihm, Igor Stravinsky and Richard Strauss, often conducting the premičres himself.

  In the 1990s he was named the world's third richest man. Paul Sacher died on 26 May 1999 in Basel.

  12 composers - friends (C. Beck, L. Berio, P. Boulez, B. Britten, H. Dutilleux, W. Fortner, A. Ginastera, C. Halffter, H. W. Henze, H. Holliger, K. Huber and W. Lutoslawski) of Swiss composer and maecenas Paul Sacher (1906 - 1999), were asked by Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich on the occasion of Sacher's 70th birthday to write composition for cello solo with use of notes creating his name (eS, A, C, H, E, Re). Compositions were partially presented in Zurich on 2nd May 1976. Whole "eSACHERe" project will be (for the first time in complete performance) performed by Czech Cellist František Brikcius in 2011 in Prague.

Call for ... read/listen "eSACHERe" interviews : Czech Cellist František Brikcius - eSACHERe (Conrad Beck, Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Benjamin Britten, Henri Dutilleux, Wolfgang Fortner, Alberto Ginastera, Cristobal Halffter, Hans Werner Henze, Heinz Holliger, Klaus Huber, Witold Lutoslawski, Mstislav Rostropovič, Paul Sacher, Jan Talich. eSACHERe Cello Ensemble and František Brikcius) - František Brikcius: Czech Cellist (CV, Pictures, Repertoire, Projects, CD, Duo, Download, Contact, News, Links)

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