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Newsletter 9 (April 2010)

Pre-Invitation: "MAKANNA" & 110th anniversary of the birth of Jiří Weil - František Brikcius: Czech Cellist - project "MAKANNA"  (Jiří Weil, Irena Kosíková, Jan Židlický, Jan Talich, Talich Chamber Orchestra & František Brikcius)

  You are pre-invited to premiere of concert performance of a ballet "MAKANNA" written by Czech composer and organist Irena Kosíková; based on the novel MAKANNA by Jewish writer Jiří Weil; to be released on Monday 24th May 2010, 7:30pm, at the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia in Prague (U Milosrdných 17, Praha 1, Czech Republic).

  Concert "MAKANNA" will feature Jan Židlický - narrator, Czech cellist František Brikcius and Talich Chamber Orchestra conducted by Maestro Jan Talich.

  Concert "MAKANNA" is held under the auspices of Sir Tom Stoppard and Václav Havel to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the birth of Jiří Weil (1900-1959) and as part of the "Daniel Pearl World Music Days". Invitations will be available in May issue of CZECH CELLIST FRANTIŠEK BRIKCIUS NEWSLETTER. For more information visit .

24th May 2010,  7.30pm, the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia in Prague (Milosrdných 17, Praha 1, Czech Republic)

JAN TALICH - Conductor

Competition: win 1 x CD "Prague - Brno: 6 Contemporary Composers for Cello Solo in the Interpretation of František Brikcius" - František Brikcius: Czech Cellist, buy CD "Prague - Brno: 6 Contemporary Composers for Cello solo in the interpretation of František Brikcius" (Jiří Matys, Petr Hejný, Jan Jirásek, Luboš Fišer, Miloš Štědroň & Irena Kosíková)

What anniversary of the birth of Jiří Weil commemorates project "MAKANNA"?
  1. 50th anniversary
  2. 100th anniversary
  3. 110th anniversary
Contest is over, lucky winner is: E. R. from Písek.

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Meet ... literary scientist RŮŽENA GREBENÍČKOVÁ

Růžena Grebeníčková (1. 11. 1925 Sušice - 21. 7. 1997 Praha), fotografie zapůjčena Irenou Kosíkovou

Růžena Grebeníčková
(*1. 11. 1925 Sušice - †21. 7. 1997 Praha)

  Růžena Grebeníčková, the leading Czech literary theorist and scientist, was born on 1st November 1925 in Sušice. She graduated in real gymnasium in Přerov. From 1945 - 1949 she studied at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, philosophy, French and comparative literature.  She completed her studies with a PhD in 1952. During this period, she met her future husband, philosopher Karel Kosík, with whom she had three children (Antonín Kosík, Irena Kosíková and Štěpán Kosík).

  Since 1961, when she became the candidate of Sciences (CSc.) until retirement in 1981, she was gradually researcher at the Institute of Slavonic Studies, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and the Institute for Czech and World Literature of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

  Main subject of her literary-historical research was romanticism era, modern novel problematic and theatre. She focused on Russian, French, German, Austrian and Czech (Karel Hynek Mácha and Jiří Weil) authors. She translated from the German. Between 1974 and 1976 she explored the walking path in the footsteps of Mácha's diary "Cesta do Itálie". She published names of her friends and aliases (Helena Matoušová, Miloslav Jehlička, Jaroslav Kudrna, Aleš Hauzner, Věra Saudková a Jiřina Táborská).

  In 1968 the Czechoslovak writer awarded her the A. M. Píša prize for her "Realita slova Máchova". She received a prestigious international Herder Prize (1985) as a significant contribution to literary science. For her "Literatura a fiktivní světy I." she was awarded the Czech Literary Foundation Prize (1996). She died on 21st July 1997 in Prague.

Call for ... Support project "MAKANNA" - František Brikcius: Czech Cellist - project "MAKANNA"  (Jiří Weil, Irena Kosíková, Jan Židlický, Jan Talich, Talich Chamber Orchestra & František Brikcius)

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Česky ... - František Brikcius: český violoncellista - Novinky 9 (duben 2010, předběžná pozvánka: 110. výročí narození Jiřího Weila: MAKANNA, dubnová soutěž: vyhrajte CD, partner měsíce: PressWeb, poznejte ...: Růžena Grebeníčková, oznámení ...: podpořte projekt MAKANNA, přihlašte se do mailing listu, ...)

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