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About Anna

  Czech cellist Anna Brikciusová was born in Prague, into a family with a distinguished cultural background. She began to play the cello in early childhood. After her studies at the Prague Conservatory in the cello classes of Prof. Jaroslav Kulhan and Prof. Viktor Moučka, Anna graduated under the tutelage of Prof. Vladan Kočí. Tutorials with Prof. Stanislav Apolín.

  She has actively participated in many international cello master classes, the French Academy (Prof. J. Bárta), the Jihlava International Master Classes (Prof. D. Sella, Prof. E. Rattay) and the International Cello Interpretation Master classes (Prof. S. Apolín). She has performed in the Czech Republic, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

  Currently she is also writing. Anna Brikciusová was a nominee for the Dresdner Lyrikpreis, recently her collection of short stories "Eutanazie" was published by H+H (edited by Jan Suk), her poems were published at the Revolver Revue, Souvislosti, Protimluv. Her autumnal yearly show is part of the Festival Poetry Day and the Daniel Pearl World Music Days.

  Anna Brikciusová plays a "Benjamin Patočka" cello made in 1913. Together with her brother František Brikcius, she is a founder member of the "Duo Brikcius". Anna is artistic advisor of the Bach Festival Gers in France and artistic co-director of the Festival Brikcius in Prague. More information is available on websites & .



and books

Anna Brikciusova: Eutanazie

Anna Brikciusová: Eutanazie

Anna Brikciusova: Eutanazie

Anna Brikciusová: Eutanazie

Duo Brikcius

[2 Cellists - 2 Siblings]


  Duo Brikcius is a Czech chamber music ensemble created by two promising young cellists (brother and sister), Anna Brikciusová and František Brikcius. Both founding members are well acquainted with the solo cello repertoire, but decided to increase their repertoire with music written for this unusual combination (with great hidden potential) of two cellos. The main aims of Duo Brikcius are to study and perform works written for two cellos, enable the creation and performance of works that are not well known to the audience, encourage contemporary composers regardless of nationality or age), to create music for this ensemble, maintain the tradition of established composers, present Czech music culture abroad and bring to other people the joy of music.

  Duo Brikcius has appeared in many festivals (for example Chotěbořské jaro, Boskovice, Baščaršijske noći, Duo Brikcius - 2 Cellos Tour, Dvořák festival, European days of Jewish culture, Století andělů a ďáblů v Pošumaví, Daniel Pearl Music Festival, Festival Culturel International de Musique Symphonique, Festival Smetanovské dny, Festival Brikcius, Festival Baroko v krvi, Bach Festival Gers) both in the Czech republic and abroad (Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, etc.). More details are available on the website .

"Života děj vane, či vleče mě sem i tam, leč jiskra vzpomínky zůstává mi ku svitu navzdory temnotě - - mnoho zdaru vám, Brikciusové!"
Vít Kremlička

Festival Brikcius

the 6th Chamber Music Festival in Prague
(1st - 16th November 2017)

"Cello Duo Revives Compositions of Holocaust Victims"
The Epoch Times/NYC

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